Volvo Adventure Tanıtım (İngilizce)

This is a briefing for people wishing to enter the Volvo Adventure award. The award is for teams of two to five young people working on a practical action project that will improve their school or community environment. It is an award for ongoing environmental projects that have had a positive impact on the environment. If you are just starting out we also offer resources to help you plan and develop your project based on successful past projects. Many winners have registered one year and entered the following year.
The young people aged 13 to 16 years should be devising action plans to help their environment. You will need to show the role that young people have had in the project and the actions they have taken. Your project can focus on any environmental subject that you have found interesting. For example we have had projects focussing on:
  1. Biodiversity – how young people help animals and plants in their community.
  2. Waste – what young people have done to reduce waste, reuse and recycle more.
  3. Water – how young people improved the water quality in their community or school.
  4. Energy – how young people helped to reduce energy use or make it more sustainable.
  5. Transport – how young people campaigned to reduce local traffic congestion.
All you have to do is register and return your entries to us. The best entries will be asked to join an international conference to present their ideas in Sweden and compete for the final prizes. All of the ideas and action plans will be published and presented to the United Nations Environment Programme. 
This briefing paper has been designed to help you prepare your entry for the web site submission tool. The next section provides details of what each part of your entry should cover. You can then prepare your answers before submitting your entry on the web site. We hope this will save time when submitting projects online.