Google Bilim Fuarı 2012: Proje Web Sitesi Hazırlama


Your project website

In each of the 8 sections of your project site, the judges will be looking for the following qualities:

  1. About meAn excellent student will show a real passion for science and be able to present their ideas with confidence, clarity and enthusiasm, and explain what winning would mean to them.

  2. The QuestionAn excellent question will be interesting, creative, worded scientifically and relevant to the world today.

  3. HypothesisAn excellent hypothesis will lead on from the question, be tightly focused and build on existing knowledge.

  4. ResearchExcellent students will undertake research to help them shape their question and hypothesis and to put their work into a relevant, real-world context.

  5. ExperimentExcellent students will demonstrate that they have used good experimental techniques and describe their experiment clearly and in detail.

  6. DataExcellent data will be relevant, sufficient to support a conclusion and should be recorded accurately and precisely, and be presented clearly.

  7. ObservationsExcellent observations will describe patterns or trends supported by the data.

  8. ConclusionAn excellent conclusion will explain how the experiment answers the question or why it fails to do so and whether or not it supports the hypothesis.






































References: An excellent References section will acknowledge and provide clear references for sources of information that have been consulted and/or referenced. (2000 words maximum.)

Acknowledgements: An excellent Acknowledgements section will detail the entrant’s access to any expertise, equipment or facilities, either at school / college or elsewhere. This might include advice on how to source equipment and materials, to stay safe or to use unfamiliar equipment or techniques. (500 words maximum.)

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