Google Bilim Fuarı 2012: Proje Bilgilerini Girme


Creating your Project Submission with a Google Site

All entrants will use a Google Site to showcase their project submission. A Google Site is an easy way to create a website without having to know any computer coding. Your site will be automatically created with the official Google Science Fair template after you successfully complete the signup process. For detailed instructions on how to use Google Sites, visit the Help Center.

The Google Science Fair project submission site template

Your Google Science Fair site template is broken into 11 sections that you will customize by including short summaries and supporting documents.

  • Summary: A brief overview of your project and an embedded video or summary presentation.
  • About Me: Tell the judges a bit about yourself.
  • The Question: Find a question that interests you about something that you have observed, noticed, or wondered about.
  • Hypothesis: Address something that you believe is challenging with you are able to answer in a single experiment.
  • Research: Summarize the research that you completed to support and answer your question.
  • Experiment: Design, execute, and summarize an experiment that tests your hypothesis.
  • Data: Report on all of the data, numbers, outputs, or outcomes form your experiment.
  • Observations: Show an understanding of what you saw happening during your experiment.
  • Conclusions: Explain how your experiment supported or contradicted your original hypothesis.
  • References: Provide references for sources of information that you have consulted.
  • Acknowledgements: Detail any help and support that you received to complete your project.

Your video summary or presentation

Your project submission must also include either a 2 minute YouTube video or 20 slide Google Presentationthat will provide the judges with an overview of your project. Videos and presentations should give a good but brief overview of all the stages of your project, show that you have a real passion for science, and explain what winning would mean to you.

Your video or presentation must be embedded on the Summary page of your project submission template.

I’m going to make a 2-minute video

Making your 2-minute video.

To create a short video, first start by grabbing a camera and shooting some footage. It might help to be clear about the story you’re looking to tell before you begin filming.

Uploading your video.

To upload your video, click the Upload link at the top of any YouTube page.

Click the Upload video button to browse for the video file of your project summary. Select the file you want to upload and click Open.

As the video file is uploading, enter as much information about your video as possible in the relevant fields (including Title, Description, Tags, and Category). You’re not required to provide specific information, but the more information you include, the easier it is for users to find your video! And be sure to set your video as publicly viewable.

Click the Save changes button to save the updates you’ve made to the video file.

Tip: Once you’ve uploaded a video, you can adjust it using the YouTube Video Editor. The Video Editor is a free tool in your YouTube Account which allows you to edit various clips and produce an entirely new edited video. For more detailed information about editing your video with YouTube, check out this article in the YouTube Help Center.

Embedding your video.

Embedding a YouTube video into your site is simple. Once your video has been successfully uploaded to YouTube, copy the URL and then: Log in to your Google Science Fair submission site. Visit the Project Summary page and Click Edit page. Click Insert where you want to embed the video, mouse over Video, and click on YouTube. Paste your video’s URL in the box, give it a title, and click save. Your video should now be embedded and playable

Once your video is embedded:

Make sure your video is set to public viewing once you’ve uploaded it to YouTube. To do this, go to My Videos, select your video, click on the Actions drop down menu, then choose Public. Make sure that you have permission to use video, images, and songs before including them on your site.

I’m going to make a 20 slide Google Presentation

Creating and embedding your Google Presentation

Don’t have access to a video camera? No problem! Presentations are a great way to collect, organize, and present your project ideas. With Google Presentations, you can share and edit presentations with your mentor or teammates, insert images and videos, and format your slides, and embed it right inside your Google Site.

Getting Started

To get started with Google Presentations, we recommend you review the Beginner’s Guide which will explain the basics of creating, editing, customizing, inserting, and completing a presentation. There are a couple of key features worth highlighting, to make your presentations clean and powerful.

Important note: your presentation must be publicly viewable. To confirm this, open your presentation in Google Docs, click on Share (top right) and make sure that you choose the setting Public on the web. Make sure your presentation complies with the entry requirements.

Note for Group Projects

Designate one team member to register first. He or she will add your email addresses to the registration form, and you will be sent an email with instructions about how to get started. One Google Site will automatically be created for your team project and each team member will be able to access and edit content.

Submitting your project

Once your project and Google website is complete, you will need to submit it for review by 1 April, 2012, by logging into the My Project section of this site. We recommend that you run through the Judges Criteria to ensure that you’ve met the requirements and have a strong sense of what the judges will be looking for.